Web Awards

are the awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet, which recognize and promote the best web designers.

Css Design Awards
is a living archive of the world’s greatest websites and an inspirational showcase celebrating emerging talent.

Design Charts (3rd place)
compiles a weekly chart tracking the best website designs around the world.

CSS Awards
selects the best websites developed with CSS from around the world.

Design Licks
rewards the most creative and well designed website around the world.

Css Winner
is a website design gallery for web designers and developers around the world to showcase their excellent websites.

One page love
The Ultimate Collection of One Page Websites, Resources and Themes

Italians Do It Better
ha come scopo principale quello di raccogliere i migliori siti internet Italiani del momento.


Awwwards the book
The best 365 CSS websites around the world

Gennaio 2012 — Il libro che raccoglie i migliori siti del mondo in 160 pagine.  In questo grande portfolio stampato troviamo il top della creatività ed un uso impressionante di codice HTML, CSS e Javascript.

Newwebpick magazine
Interview on july 2011

Giugno 2011 — Newwebpick e-magazine is one of the most popular and reputable e-magazine for the design industry in the world.  We have more than 4,000,000 subscribers in average reading our e-magazine.

Creative agency awards
The best 99 world’s creative agencies


Luglio 2009 — A new book “Creative Agency Awards 09” will be showcasing the top 99 creative agencies worldwide to be arranged and based on their creative prestige both in the web and print design.




The 70 Most Loved One Page
The best websites from 2012 on OnePageLove.com

Progetty Arcade Portfolio An awesome HTML5 Website

Our Fave Web Design of the Week No.32

30 webdesign tendances pour Juillet 2011

30 HTML5 Websites for your Inspiration

60+ Finest Fresh CSS Website Designs for Design…

39 Creative Flash Designs

50 Gorgeous Flash Websites

24 Experimental Flash Sites For Your Inspiration

25 Most Impressive Flash Sites